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The since 2013 existing Trike - Slingshot - Quadshop Paguera takes over our stores with immediate effect.

They are always available to answer any questions you may have. Click >>> HERE <<<

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Questions about quad rental, security, the quad itself and anything else you should know, we answer here.

What kind of drivers license is required?

For all motor vehicles with more than 3 wheels, you'll need a drivers license class 3 / B for cars.

At what age can children participate?

Children can participate as passenger on a quad, ATV or motorcylcle from 7 years in spain.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, helmets are required for drivers and passengers.

Gibt es einen Versicherungsschutz bei Personenschäden?

Basically you're joining a tour at your own risk. If you own a personal accident insurance, please read it carefully to make shure, quad driving is included. Many insurance companies exclude certain fun sports.

Is it allowed, to participate in a tour during pregnancy?

Since our tours have no small amount of off-road course, we always advise against it.

Do I need special clothes?

You should always dress according to the weather, considering that it is getting dirty. An absolute must are sturdy shoes. 

What happens if it rains?

We will get wet. Safety is our top priority! If the weather conditions pose a risk, the quad tour is canceled or postponed. However, a light summer rain is no reason to terminate or cancel the tour. For this case we also have rain-capes.

Is it dangerous to drive a quad?

As with the use of any vehicle, you should drive with discipline and follow the rules. The orders and instructions of the guide must be followed at all time - then nothing can happen. Driving a quad is no more dangerous than driving a car or motorcycle.

Is quad biking something for women?


I'm sorry to say that women are better quad drivers. Women drive with more discipline, more foresighted and safer. It's hard to get them off the quad after a tour although they were initially more skeptical. Sorry guys, this is gathered experience.